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Vlog: Meadowbrook Home Addition and Kitchen Renovation Part 3

Eric Tilghman
By Eric Tilghman - January 15, 2019








We now get to tour the inside of the Meadowbrook project. Eric gives us a tour of the addition that will house the new kitchen and an expanded laundry room. Watch or read below:


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No audio? Follow along here:

"Hey guys welcome back to the Meadowbrook job. I've shown you a whole bunch of videos from the outside- the
decking ,the covered porch, mahogany ceiling, standing seam roof we got the patio over there- we are now inside.
January 2nd we kind of we took the existing kitchen and we started picking away and breaking through and joining the two spaces. We have this steel beam here that is bearing down on this post here and another post over there and the wall between the laundry and the kitchen, so what this steel is holding is basically the second floor above part of my new roof and then the roof above that so there's a lot of weight on these. These are really tricky ,they could go wrong but it went in pretty seamlessly and we're very happy with the outcome.
Here we have our new addition, this is what we built. Outside is finished, we did some framing here to extend the ceiling to coordinate with cabinetry below, and out here we'll have a cathedral ceiling ceiling fan, hi-hat speakers, all these great windows here- this door goes to the covered porch this door goes to the patio with the fire pit ,right here I will be standing at the back of a peninsula so the peninsula comes this way right across here and then it turns into an L over
this way so this if I'm standing here now I'm standing at the cooktop with the big fancy range and above that cabinets above.
We're gonna have a TV over here with the Island in the middle with some seating on two sides- this wall here will have the oven and microwave in the cabinetry and this wall here will have the fridge. Then there's a little section of counter just to the left before that door that will have a bookshelf underneath with cabinets above. We have glass cabinets going in here with cabinet lighting- the works- it's gonna be sweet.
There's going to be pendants above the island, there's gonna be a pendant hanging above the sink, it's gonna be really sharp. We're working with village handcrafted cabinetry and Lansdale, they're an awesome company, I recommend them to all of my customers and when it fits in the budget to use them, what a treat. The kitchens just turn out beautifully, I mean it's hands down the difference is is right there so anyway.
I just want to get you guys to get a feel of this space. Their kitchen stopped right here and now it goes all the way to there. They're gonna have some seating at the window here, it's gonna be really great. It's definitely a major improvement.
If we come this way I just want to get a quick shot of the laundry room. So what we did in the laundry was just a four-foot bump out but you can see what a difference it makes to their existing space. It used to stop here now I have this beam above and that allows me to carry the ceiling straight through so you know you think of a 4-foot addition and when you look at it from the outside it doesn't seem like much but inside the space is a world of difference. They will have washer and dryer here with a little top above it, wall cabinets and then countertop, wall base cabinets, a sink here all with  backsplash and crown molding, all that good stuff. This door here takes you again back back out to the outdoors back out to the covered porch.
Guys, that's it. Thanks again for staying tuned as always be nice to one another stay positive have a great weekend and I'll see you next time."


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