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Your Home Remodeling FAQ

Who is working on my house?

Every trades person working on your home has been hand picked for their skills and professionalism.

Our workmanship is of the highest quality. Our highly trained and experienced craftsmen will provide a "white glove treatment" to our clients. We value our word and our commitments to your home. We communicate closely with you throughout our structured Design-Build process and deliver projects on time and on budget.

Not all contractors are created equal. Unfortunately, it has become the norm to cut prices along with quality of workmanship. Prior research, planning and monitoring will give you peace of mind knowing you chose the right contractor. We at Tilghman Builders continually set a high standard for the industry through the relationships we build with our clients, while we’re building their dream home. 


How long does it take?

This depends on the project. Check out our sample home remodel timeline here.


How long will I be out of my house?

We understand that a remodel can disrupt your life. If we are creating an addition, we work hard to keep your existing living space intact for as long as possible. We start to build outside, and only when the new space is further along, we break through into the home.

If We Move You Out, We Put You Up: if there is a time when you can’t live at home, we’ll pay for your hotel (up to 3 nights, at one of our lodging partners). If you can’t use your kitchen, have dinner on us once a week for as long as your kitchen is in flux.

This is just one part of our Tilghman Builders experience. Get to know our process here.


What hours of the day will you be here?

We always want to be aware of your family’s schedule and needs. Our working hours are 7:30 am - 4 pm Monday through Friday so we will always be out of your hair before dinner.

We also understand that you may not always be home when we are there. During pre-construction meetings, we will discuss your home security and how we get in without you (if needed). We like to get some information upfront like:

- Do you leave the dog at home during the day? We’ve had homeowners take many different approaches to taking care of their pets while we are working on their home.

- Will you have in-home childcare or other services coming in and out of the house during the day? We want to be respectful of your schedule and do our best not to disrupt it.

- Who all will be in the house at night after we’ve left for the night? We always leave our work sites clean and safe but we can take extra measures to protect your family.


What can I expect my yard to look like when you’re done?

During pre-construction meetings, we discuss any plantings and gardens that you want to keep so we can do our best to avoid those areas with our equipment and foot traffic. Our services include final grading and seeding around the construction site, but leave any new planting up to the homeowner.


How do we handle changes?

During the course of the work on your project, sometimes the scope of the work can change when unanticipated situations arise. Change orders are issued as a result of unforeseen issues or items which require extra labor not covered in the original scope of work after removing walls and ceilings. Change orders are also issued if the Homeowner wants to add, delete or change the work to be done. Change Orders can either be an Invoice or a Credit and are due to be paid upon receipt.

We will not take advantage of you in regards to pricing when drafting and estimating change orders. Change orders are calculated the same way as the original estimate.

Change orders can affect the project timeline.


What does the payment schedule look like?

Funding for our projects comes from the homeowner or a lender. We request a down payment at the beginning of the project of 20% of the total and the remaining balance is divided evenly over the estimated number of weeks.

The final payment is a small payment that isn’t due until the completion of the punch list items?

If we’re behind schedule a week or two, we may skip a week of payment.


Can you walk us through the inspections process?

During additions and renovations, there are normally about 6-10 inspections that occur on different elements of the construction process including (but not limited to): footing; framing; rough electrical; rough plumbing; rough HVAC; insulation; drywall; final electrical and final total inspection.

Generally, the inspections are done through the local municipality or township as part of the permitting process. The electrical inspections are usually done through a third-party agency.

Tilghman Builders takes care of all permits and makes all the arrangements for all inspections.


How well can you match my existing exterior to the addition (siding style/color)?

We strongly value the importance of making sure your addition doesn’t look like an add-on. We want our work to look like it belongs both with your home’s style and your neighborhood’s standards and not stick out. We generally don’t patch in new siding, we want it to look right.