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High-End Kitchen Finishes for the Home Chef

Tilghman Builders Team
By Tilghman Builders Team - March 7, 2022








Cooking at home often has the highest rewards, and the experience is even better when you’re cooking in a kitchen you love. Having a beautiful kitchen you’re proud to create meals and entertain guests in is one of the best aspects of being an at-home chef.

Just as restaurants try to create a memorable ambiance, your kitchen can also have a unique atmosphere, aesthetic, and feeling of its own. And given the countless hours spent cooking and gathering in the kitchen, you deserve to have the high-end finishes at home, too. The question is, which kitchen finishes are the best choice?

Here you’ll find a few high-end finishing ideas for all home cooks looking to update their space, and some of them may even inspire you to take on a whole new look for your kitchen design.


Ideas for High-End Kitchen Design

Clean & Classy Countertops for High-End Kitchen Workspaces

Creamery Kitchen

View Additional Photos: Creamery Rd Kitchen


One of the largest eye-catching features in a high-end kitchen are the countertops. A few things that set countertops fit for a home chef apart from others include materials, features, and design style.

Popular selections in high-end kitchen countertops are stone elements, such as polished granite, quartz/ marble, and soapstone. Stone countertops deliver a clean, classic look and pair well with other material elements as well. Whether your design is contemporary, traditional, sleek, etc. stone countertops are easy to maintain, visually appealing, and versatile in shades of color or shape. Learn more about your design style here.

If your home chef's kitchen style is modern and cutting-edge, a unique countertop choice could take your kitchen to the next level. Glass, stainless steel, or concrete countertop materials are both stunning and unforgettable in a modern kitchen. These materials pair well with stainless appliances and are easier to keep clean than light-colored stone.

Additional high-end countertop material options for mid-century looks or traditional style kitchen designs include butcher block, travertine tile, and recycled countertops. These options tend to “pop” and stand out.

Additionally, having ample room on your countertops is a must for any cook. Maximizing space by adding an island, or two like in the Creamery Kitchen above, will help ensure you have the space you need and entertain any crowd that might join you.


Every High-End Kitchen Deserves Luxury Appliances

Another way to incorporate high-end design elements is to pair a set of luxury appliances with your custom finishes. There are several well-known luxury appliance brands (see list below), which specialize in the installation of Built-in, Integrated, or Overlay appliance styles.

deas for High-End Kitchen Design | Tilghman Builders in Pennsylvania
  • Viking
  • Thermador
  • Gaggenau
  • Miele
  • Sub-zero/Wolf
  • La Cornue

More affordable luxury appliance brands that could also complement your kitchen design and would make excellent choices in both function and sleek design include LG, KitchenAid, Bosch Benchmark, Samsung, Jenn-Air, and Conclusion.

Luxury appliances not only complete the high-end finishes of any at-home chef’s dream kitchen, but they last for decades. A cohesive high-end kitchen design plan wouldn’t be complete without sleek, beautiful appliances–the most essential element of any chef’s ideal kitchen.

The kitchen appliances featured in the Cecilia Kitchen above include:


Eye-Catching Cabinet Finishes for Any Home Chef

Kottler Kitchen

Furthermore, a major staple for any home chef's kitchen is storage, whether you have room for uppers and lowers, full walls, or an island.

Traditional cabinets in a high-end gloss finish are a great way to make a hip high-end kitchen harmonize with the heritage of an older home. And raised panel cabinets in a trendy color are one way to give an older kitchen a new feel.

Steel cabinets or lacquered panels are sleek, shiny, and light-catching elements that bring a remarkable view to a modern or contemporary style kitchen. For a seamless, edgy look these materials are top-notch.


BONUS TIP: Lots of electrical outlets

As a home chef, you know the challenges that come along with working in a kitchen without enough accessible outlets for your appliances. Keep accessibility in mind when planning your kitchen remodel. You can plan for outlets in your kitchen island, inside cabinets, and even in your pantry so you can keep your counters clean and your gadgets charged. 

Interested in other high-end kitchen design ideas? We've got you covered! Get inspired for your kitchen project by checking out our portfolio. When you’re ready to start planning for your new kitchen, grab a copy of our Kitchen Remodel Wish List for even more guidance on what your kitchen should have.

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