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Vlog: Meadowbrook Home Addition and Backyard Getaway Part 2

Eric Tilghman
By Eric Tilghman - December 19, 2018








Things are looking good over at the Meadowbrook project. Let's join Eric for a look at the progress being made on their backyard oasis addition.


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No audio? Follow along here:

Hi guys, how are you doing. We're back here at the Meadowbrook job,  we've  got a beautiful day here , a lot of sunshine, the forecast is looking good, and we don't have any rain in the next seven days, which is really great
especially with what we've been through with the weather.
I wanted to show you guys the fire pit and the stonewall; What we have here is a sitting wall- this will be the cap here all the way around and then the patio will sort of start off of that so this is all patio.
Here is the fire pit, that's gonna really start taking shape in the next few days. Over here we have the decking coming up from the patio, it'll all be equal steps coming up. This is a little change that we made and I think it fits well with the layout of the patio.
We put a little extra detail on the steps here. With the composite decking, we have this ugly end grain, it's gray unlike the brown decking, so in order to cover that up we put little miters on the corner here and we turned the deck boards in and then as you can see, we have  this board here sort of inlayed inside of there so just a little extra touch .
We're going to have a similar feature on the perimeter of these upper boards. These ugly cuts, they'll go away and we will inlay an accent colored board in here and actually we have a good example of that over this way.
This is the sun, I'm on paver patio over here, this is all walkway and these are steps that we just built going up to the covered forts here. This is the same detail on the steps here; the little miters on the corners going the extra-mile on that.
This way we've got this round deck and what we're doing is we ran the boards long like I showed you in the last video and we're putting this board which we templated. I sent the
template to Ohio and I've waited about three or four weeks for these and here they are. We're putting them on top, we're cutting them just right and then we are actually tracing the deck and making this round cut all the way, so as you can see, it's just sort of making the perimeter here.
This is mocha- this is pecan- and we're gonna have this edge board around the entire deck here and on the other side.
Well  that's it for this week! We're in a good spot right now, things are gonna really start getting pretty over here and I can't wait till next week!
Have a great weekend.


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