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Vlog: Chattin Road Home Addition Project

Eric Tilghman
By Eric Tilghman - August 5, 2020

We recently transformed a home in Glenside, PA, giving it a home addition and some much needed interior and exterior renovations to optimize its mid-century features. Lead carpenter, Eric Tilghman, has documented the journey below. Check it out! 

Phase 1 Video:




Hey, everybody, how are you doing? Eric Tilghman, with Tilghman Builders. We're starting a brand new addition in Glenside. It's a first story addition, which is great. And this will be a master bedroom right there on this corner of this house here. And so we're going to have two doors, one closest to the backyard and then one closest to that garage. That's the back of the garage. What we see right there. So this first door, this back door is going to come into a little hallway, which leads to an eight-foot by six-foot closet. A nice walk-in closet that they're going to later have, you know, decked out with all sorts of custom cabinetry and shoe shelves, things like that. And then come through a little bit further. There's going to be a nice big master bathroom, I believe, with even a skylight over there. And then this outside corner is gonna be storage for this wonderful pool they have.

So that'll be accessible from the outside. Two doors coming out and then, pool noodles or whatever will be in there. The next door is gonna be another hallway. You could hang a right and go to a door that we're gonna cut in which accesses the garage. Come a little bit further. There's gonna be a little laundry closet. Go a little bit further. There's gonna be a nice brand new office for these guys. So, anyway, I'm excited to see this one come together. This is a mid-century modern house. So, you know, the designs are going to be a little bit different to sort of jive with what they have currently going on here. So the flat roof and things of that nature. So anyway, this is gonna be a good one. These guys have good taste. I can tell and I'll be excited to show you guys the progress. 

Continuing on with the project.....

Phase 2 Video:




Hey, everybody. How are you doing? It's Eric Tilghman from Tilghman Builders. We're in Glenside. Last time you guys saw this project, we hardly even had a floor. So we've made great progress last week. And this week, the guys are working their butts off and things are moving very rapidly and smoothly, which is good. So we have a roofer coming in tomorrow. I'm sorry, roofer coming on Friday. And so that's the roof. What you see there, it's a low-slope roof. A quarter-inch per foot. We have a skylight in the middle which is above the master bathroom. So just outside the shower, there's this nice roughly three-foot by five-foot skylight in the middle of the master bath.

Wait till you see that master bath come together. I have a feeling their selections are on point. I know they've got their cabinet tree from Village. It's a floating contemporary vanity. There's another one in the whole bath. I haven't talked to you much about that. We have some work to do in the existing house. So once we bust in there, I'll eventually show you what's going on in there. But wait and see, their selections are going to be great. So it's a contemporary house. It's a contemporary addition. We never build an addition that doesn't look like it fits with the house. So once this thing's all tied together, we're getting all new siding. OK. All new siding on new gutters, all new metalwork all throughout the entire house. So when we're all done this project, I know the color is khaki brown. So what that's gonna be probably like a slate color with light brown, kind of an earth tone. And then we're doing a dark bronze trim. So around every window, there are Fascias gutters. That's gonna be all this nice dark bronze color, which is gonna go well, eventually.

I'll show you the front of this house. It's got some beautiful stonework. So once this thing is done, the exterior is going to look top-notch. And who could help but notice that huge "A" over that back porch? So we're kicking around some ideas on how to dress up that ceiling. There, we're in between whether to do stained mahogany of some kind, some sort of pop to, you know, get some natural wood on the ceiling or keep it nice, bright white, maybe like an Azek or a grid system or something like that. So anyway, once we make a decision on that and get that wrapped up, I'll be excited to show you, that'll be a very nice feature to the back to this house.

So, again, just to reiterate, what's in this edition is we're gonna eventually have a back door here. There will be three windows on the back. There will be pool storage right there. So that'll be double doors. They'll be a window over their office over there again, pool storage, master bath, and a little potty room, and a walk-in closet over their, laundry area over there. And then we'll have three doorways to going into the master bedroom that's existing, and then one into the garage. So I guess that's pretty much it for now.

Guys, I was excited to show you guys the progress this week, and I look forward to next week. 

Phase 3  Video:




Hey guys, how are you doing? Eric Tilghman here. We're in Glenside. I'm shooting a video alone selfie mode yet again. So check out the house. All right, we got it all foamed up again. That's the addition right behind me. It's about twenty-five by twenty-five coming over here. There's a garage with a flat roof just in front of it.

Really nice backyard. Eventually, I'm going to show you the front of the house. Not today, though. I want to show you inside the house. The dry wallers are here. It's insulated and we're getting sheetrock.

So this is just a pool storage room. So it's just going to be like lawn chairs and stuff like that. There'll be sheet-rocking here, vinyl, plank flooring, and then shelving in there. There's a little niche. So that's pretty much it. They're coming around. We've got new AC and heat for the addition. Here's a bag. It's got a full view glass. Full view glass.

And then there's a little hallway. So I turn behind this drop cloth to the existing master bedroom. OK, so that's one of two openings. There's going to be another. They're accessing a different hallway, so I'll explain that in just a second. So this hallway, you know, I'm leaving the master bedroom and I'm coming down this hallway. Right here, this is going to be a big walk-in closet, I think seven by eight or so. This doorway right here is into the bathroom.

And wait till you see this bad boy. I've said it before. It's going to be amazing. There's another bathroom that we haven't talked much about. That one's gonna be amazing, too. So I'll show you that one when we're done. But here we've got the toilet room. So that's that. Some windows. Boom, boom, boom. One, two, three. All right. In here, we've got a shower, a whole bunch of valves. Rain head, you know, there you have it. There's a bench in there. There's a niche over here. Drywall is in my way. Otherwise, I'd give you a better shot over here. Over here is going to be a linen area. 

So what we'll have there is like a standard cabinet custom cabinet from Village Cabinetry, which we talked about before, but they're awesome. It's kind of a little piece of countertop on top of that, and then shelving above with this here. This will be like lighting on each shelf, going up over here. We're gonna have tile all the way to the ceiling on this whole wall. This entire wall is going to be tile. And then there's going to be a floating vanity. Thirty-six inches. It'll be about 10 inches up off the floor with a light underneath it.

I mean, we've got high hats through our speakers throughout. Here's a skylight that I'm still waiting for. COVID-19 has taken a toll on ordering material, but I should have that hopefully in a day or two.

So then over here, we just move this drywall all the way over here. Now, here's the other opening. That's the other doorway into the master bedroom. OK, so let's say my phone's backed up to the doorway. I come through. Now I have. I can make an immediate right. We make this opening. This is a cinder block wall, and we made this opening into the garage. OK. Actually feels really nice here right now. Sorry, I said that's that, new door. 

And then if you keep going down the hallway, we will have laundry in here. We'll have a sink right here, that's gonna be really great. Bifold Doors. And then this is the office. So little closet here. High hat speakers throughout, and then some high hats up there behind that beam.

And then they're going to be shining down on a desk that kind of goes into this little nook. If you can see that, it's like a little two-foot nook. So now I'm going to do a little cut through. I want to shoot all this inside stuff before the drywall gets put on because pretty soon things are going to be getting pretty. And I want you guys to get a good sense of, you know, what this feels like. So then here we go. OK. This was a master bathroom where I'm standing. This was the doorway from the master bedroom into the bathroom. It was that old pink tile. We've all seen it.No toilet. I don't even remember how it was laid out, but that over there was the hall bathroom. There was a wall divided, so what we did was take the wall out. We damaged both bathrooms. And now we have this master bathroom. It's really awesome. It's got a skylight existing. 

So we're totally keeping that. It's in really great shape. This will be the new door to this bathroom. OK, so then look at that bathroom behind me. Imagine the finishes here, already tile on the floor. That wall with the window on it that has tile up about forty-eight inches.

In front of that wall is a freestanding contemporary-looking tub with a great little faucet above this wall here, all tile. So from the shower, it's going to come out. Here's the shower, by the way. It's like a thirty-six inch by thirty-six-inch Neo angle shower with a niche. So that's going to have some cool tile in it high above. And then the tile from the showers is going to come out and it's going to come across this entire wall all the way to the ceiling. And then again, we're gonna get village cabinets to make us a floating vanity right here. So again, it'll be 10 inches off the floor and the medicine cabinet above this one is gonna have some side sconces. The other one will have mirrors that get lit. The other ones have some high hats above the vanity and stuff like that.

So, there's a lot going on again, just a reminder, right now we're working on the outside trying to get ready for siding. So there is a bit of jackhammering that we're doing today. And then tomorrow we'll be back on, probably foam and windows and stuff like that. So anyway, guys, how do you see this thing coming together? I just can't say it enough. This is going to be a good one.

Final Exterior Tour:




Hey guys, how are you doing, Eric Tilghman. I am in good spirits cause we're at Glenside and we are done! So I'm going to flip this camera for the first time ever. I'm gonna show you the front of this house, and then we're gonna do a walk around outside.

 Bam! All right. This house had some serious potential, and we gave it what it needed. So before it had white aluminum siding, board and batten. And, you know, none of it went. It was old. It was dated. It was no good. And once we keep walking around here, you're gonna see the backyard of this place. I mean, it looks so sharp. We mulched the beds.

I don't have time right now to finish the driveway. I'm coming back tomorrow. You know, my final touch on every job is hosing down the driveway. It's one of my favorite things to do. I put my headphones on and listen to some reggae or something motivational. It's mindless and it really goes a long way. So as you can see, I'll be finishing that tomorrow. It's all about the finishing touches, guys, you know, and that's what we're all about. You know, the big jobs are the big jobs and it's nice to do a wonderful job, but it's the little things that seal the deal and set us apart from other contractors. All right. I'm finally in the backyard here.

So, wow, look at this. You guys haven't seen this in a little while. But look at that. You know, the addition just next to the door there. Boom. That's the end of the addition. Here's the addition and then it stops right here. OK, so this video. All I'm doing is I'm just shooting the outside of this thing and then I'm going to take you inside. 

The customers are super happy. This was a wonderful project. They're wonderful people. I think we formed a really great relationship. And I look forward to seeking their advice and advising them in the future. So, at Tilghman Builders, we are never just in and out, onto the next one. We would like to form relationships with our customers that last for a very, very long time. And it serves us very well.

So there's the outside of the house. I hope you guys like it. Remember, this is a James Hardie board batten siding with some bronze copping. We capped all these windows. I mean, this was all white paint. Look at how neat and tidy this place looks. We didn't mulch this here because later they're going to have pavers installed at the house. They're gonna deck out this backyard. This is all going to be pavers out here. Bam. Well, hard to point, but again, there's the addition. OK, so remember that back door. Remember those two windows in the next video? I'll show you there. 

While we are out here, I will just do a quick finish because this is an inside the addition. It's just pool storage in here. OK? That's all it is. 

But anyway, I'll see you guys in about three minutes when I jump inside and take my next video. 

Final Interior Walkthrough:




Hey guys, how are you doing? We're in this dark garage. And we were just out there, I was shooting the outside video for this project. This door was installed by us before this was cinderblock. We're going through this door and we're in the addition. Here's the inside final tour of the Glenside job. 

All right guys, we're inside. All right. Let me back up. Let me back up. This is the original back wall of the house. So this is one entryway into our addition. As we walk through here, you'll see vinyl plank flooring, a door to the garage. Open these doors here. We have laundry, sink, laundry, see washer, and dryer.

We're going to keep moving here. And now then we are in the office. High hat speakers, volume control - everything's totally hooked up. Everything's really awesome up here.We got some high hats up behind that beam there, shining down on this desk. So we use the same quartz from both bathrooms and brought it into this room, which is really nice to see it all tied together. 

All right. Hopefully, you guys aren't getting dizzy. We'll pop this in. We're waiting on doorknobs. I'm sure one or two is wondering where the doorknobs are, they're back-ordered. We got some custom doorknobs for this one and we're just waiting for them. So, you know, as far as the shelving, wall-to-wall going to the other side, you know, we always review with our customers. What are you using it for? What's going in there? We measured the filing cabinet, you know, just to make it really function for them. So I hit this light. 

How's everybody doing? All right. Now we're gonna go into this other door. And we painted these. So, you know, I don't think you saw this on the last shot, but we painted these the same colors, the wall so they sort of blend in. You really won't see them. And then there's a secret door to an amazing space. All right. In here, we have a nice big walk-in closet, a beautiful light fixture, three side shelving all around. 

Eventually, they're gonna be decking this out with closet by design or something like that. But for now, we gave them some temporary shelving on all three sides. Get ready for this. Look at this tile work. Look at these selections. They're incredible. Lighting, lighting everywhere. We've got the floating vanity quartz on top, medicine cabinets and a recessed skylight up above. 

We have lights underneath. Lights underneath the vanity in the dark, I'm sure you'd see it a little bit better. Lights on the mirror. And then let's get back to what you really want to see, which is a rain head over a huge master shower bench in the corner, handheld over there. Okay, let me just point something out real quick. Look at the floor. 

 Look at the floor tile. Go right up into the wall tile.  The pattern just continues. Isn't that beautiful? So anyway, let me keep moving so that we don't have a really long video. Here's a toilet room, light, bidet, Village Custom Cabinets in Lansdale. I've said it before. I'll say it again. Excellent. Excellent. If you're shopping for cabinets, please give them a try because the experience over there is outstanding and the finished product is beautiful.

So we love working with them. All right. We're going to come back out of the edition. And there's a shot of the master bedroom, take a look at those two doors. That's the new space coming down here. 

We're in the existing hallway. And then here is the hall bath. Also just as good as the master there. Excellent, so here we have it.OK. Take that in. Look at that beautiful tile on that wall. I love it, sconces, same floating vanity. This one's slightly smaller, this is a five-foot and the other is a six-foot.

Let's hit this shower real quick and neo angle shower. Awesome floor tile. A rain head above a niche, just like in the other bathroom. And then over there we have the toilet window centered over the freestanding tub, that's a white acrylic tub. It looks beautiful and then the elevated platform in which the tub sits, there's a towel bar over there. 

These guys liked Village Cabinets so much. They're hiring them again to make three or four floating shelves over here in this corner. So where it looks a little bare right now, it's going to be so tied in with this shelving that comes from Village. So can't say it enough, what a great company they are. So, anyway, one more big wow shot for you.

There it is, remember back in the beginning? This was two bathrooms. This was a hall bathroom and a small master bathroom. We closed the door, which used to be over there and made one big, long hall bath. So anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed the tour. Hope you're having a wonderful day. Stay positive. Be nice to one another. Step out of your comfort zone and have a wonderful day. Talk to you soon. Bye. 














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