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Bedrooms play an important role in our lives - it’s where we sleep, where we get ready, and where we can go to get away from it all. So if your bedroom is not meeting your needs then there are many benefits in remodeling the space for better use. Some of these benefits include added resale value, a less stressful lifestyle, and an overall better function for your space. So, how should you begin updating your bedroom(s)? We’ve compiled a list of bedroom remodel ideas to give you the inspiration you need. 

Master suite addition | master bedroom

Bedroom Addition

A bedroom addition is beneficial for any home as it gives you more square feet to do with what you please. You can use an extra bedroom for a variety of things from a guest room to additional storage. Perhaps you work from home and need a good office space. Or maybe your family is growing, and making another bedroom crucial to giving everyone enough space.

The best part about a bedroom addition is you can design it based on the bedroom layout you desire and include features that make the most of your space such as tall ceilings or a window seat. You can also make room for extras, like outdoor access or a fireplace. While adding onto your home may sound costly, it is often cheaper to do this than to buy a larger home, and will provide more value for you over time. Consider your budget and set your priorities when considering a remodel or home addition. 


Master Suite Updates

Creating a master suite in your home is one of the most valuable ways to update it. Not only will you reap the benefits of a master suite to improve the quality of your life, but if you choose to sell you will likely make your money back and then some. A master suite provides good separation from the rest of the home, a very important aspect when you have a large family and need time to yourself. The bedroom, bathroom, and closet combination often make for an easier and less stressful morning routine as you get ready.

Master suites are especially beneficial to couples as each can have their own areas of space within the suite. From dual sinks, to his and hers closets, a master suite can cut out arguments with your significant other over space and storage. When planning a master suite, it is important to consider whether you want a first floor or second-floor master suite or if you’d like to repurpose the attic or basement. You must also consider the needs of your family. In fact, some families consider putting in a second master suite to their home to allow for multigenerational living. 


Improved Lighting

Lighting makes everything look better, and natural light is the best kind. Adding more windows to your bedroom can have a large effect on the feel of the room. Different window designs can bring character to the room as well. For instance, round circular windows can add a unique touch, while arched windows give a more elegant feel to the room. Bay windows are very popular as they not only let a large amount of light in but give the illusion of a larger space, and could even provide a cozy window nook to read in.

If you are short on wall space, a cool window addition could be a skylight which comes in many versatile designs and offers energy efficiency to boot. Aside from natural lighting, you may also want to update your electrical lighting as well. Recessed lighting has become increasingly popular as you can control how much light it gives off and create the ambiance you want. 


New Bedroom Flooring

While carpet can be cozy for bedrooms, harder flooring has numerous benefits. Aside from offering many aesthetically pleasing styles, hard flooring (wood, tile and luxury vinyl) is also easier to keep clean as carpet stores up dust and germs that are impossible to fully get rid of. Carpet is also not resilient with spills and messes, especially if you have kids or pets at home. It is also easier to style harder flooring options as you can simply place an area rug down for a new look. Hard floorings also provide better resale value over carpet. 


Bigger Closets

Who doesn’t love more storage? Adding a large, walk-in closet to your bedroom can give your space better flow through decluttering. Adding in specialty shelving can give you more space to store your bags and shoes, and also showcase your favorite wardrobe items. A well-organized closet also has the added benefit of peace of mind as you no longer have issues with finding the items you are looking for as you get ready for the day. If space allows, you can even create a vanity or sitting area in your closet to give you extra comfort when getting ready for the day. 


Considering Bedroom Remodels with
Tilghman Builders

A bedroom remodel is no easy feat, so it is important to get the best contractors and builders on the job. Tilghman Builders specializes in home renovations and remodels, providing vast expertise in creating beautiful and functional homes. If you are ready to revamp your bedroom situation then give us a call!

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