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7 Window Design Ideas You Need for Your Home

Tilghman Builders Team
By Tilghman Builders Team - March 10, 2020

Your house becomes a little homier when you find ways to bring in more natural light. What’s better than enjoying a cup of coffee before work and watching the room brighten with the rising sun? It was this ideal morning bliss that got us thinking about the types of interesting window designs that we’d think you’d love and that add that extra touch of warmth to your home. The right windows will accent your walls, let in just enough light, create energy cost-saving opportunities, and ultimately open up your home. We’ve compiled a list of some gorgeous window design ideas that you should seriously consider incorporating into your home when planning a renovation. We’ve considered overall aesthetic appeal, functionality, ease of use and cleaning, energy efficiency, and more. Take a look below,

Bay Windows

This window design offers a striking focal point for any room. Its unique shape expands beyond the wall framing, giving the illusion of a larger space. With warm sunshine streaming in, it’s no wonder that bay styles are such a sought after window design. An added perk to the convex shape and panoramic view is the potential to incorporate a reading ledge with the added space. Nothing says home like a cozy window nook. You can also play up the striking design with eye-catching colors, or make it pop with white trim in a neutral wall. It’s hard to go wrong with these windows as they are so beautiful on their own. Whatever way you decide to accentuate them, you can be sure to enjoy an abundance of natural light and radiance in the room. Let’s recap a few of the benefits of having bay windows:

  • Opens up living space
  • Offers a panoramic view that allows in more light from different angles
  • Can play the focal point of a room with ease
  • Adds variety to the exterior as well as the interior

Slider Windows

Who isn’t a fan of natural light illuminating their home? If you are looking for a window that operates with an easy sliding motion and lets in a lot of light, slider windows are a wonderful option for your home. Unlike bay windows, slider windows generally are flush with the wall. They are renowned for their open design, elegant simplicity, and ease of use. These windows are a great selection if you want a simple yet striking look as they open up your wall into the beautiful outdoors without demanding much attention for their attributes. Unlike designs that are a bit more ornate like arched windows, these let their simplicity do the talking (if windows could talk, that is). In short, these windows are:

  • Easy to use
  • Low maintenance because they function with fewer working parts than conventional windows
  • Simple yet striking
  • Large and open and let in an abundance of natural light

Double Hung Windows

These windows are a fantastic window option for aesthetic and practical reasons. Aesthetically, they are open and often decked out with a thicker trim which offers a wonderful opportunity to incorporate an accent color or material like stained wood or a popping white that stands out amidst an accent wall. From the standpoint of practicality, these windows are typically very easy to clean. These windows allow you to tilt-in, lower, and raise the sashes, which allow you to access every side of the glass. This attribute is also the reason why you get such great airflow out of these designs. One thing about large windows, if they are dirty, people notice. Benefits to take into account for this window design type include:

  • Versatile with ventilation through customizable airflow control (requires screens)
  • Easy to clean
  • Energy efficient
  • Provide space to hang AC units (sashes move up and down)

Arched Windows

If you are looking for a window design that’s cast from a different mold, arched windows are an elegant option. These windows are meant to pop and wow onlookers. Think Tuscan vineyards, elaborate churches, ballrooms, or simply open and elegant foyers. If you have lofty design ideas for your home, you may want to consider incorporating a breathtaking arched window (or several) into your home renovation. Whether you choose floor to ceiling options, or simply wish to add a little something different to your exterior look, there is an arched window design for you.

  • Low maintenance
  • Ornamental and functional
  • Can create a distinctive glass wall and accompaniment to picture and rectangular windows

Round Circle Windows

If you are looking for a truly unique window design, round circular windows are just what you are looking for. Designs range rustic to contemporary and depending on your desired room thing, can add depth to the design. Think about a circular window cast in a wooden frame to accent a nautical theme, or add a charming accent to a loft or attic room. These windows are especially prominent as center points in the front of the home, adding a distinctive twist in an otherwise straightforward looking exterior. A few additional positive points for circular windows are below:

  • Require less space for installation
  • Unique accent point for interior and exterior walls alike
  • Comes in fixed, tilt, and pivot styles

Skylight Windows

Pennsylvania has no shortage of cool weather and you’d be wise to consider areas for potential energy cost savings. A skylight may help with this, especially in areas of the home where more natural warmth is generally desired like bedrooms and bathrooms. Picture this, you step out of the shower and scramble to grab your towel, anything to combat the chill in the air and the now visible goosebumps on your limbs. Now imagine this, stepping out of the shower into a pool of warm, natural sunlight streaming into your bathroom and warming you instantly. That is the beauty of these windows, they are lovely to look at, and their placements allow light to stream in where you need it most. Not to mention they add some variety to your roofing. If you’ve got the creativity for it, you can find a suitable spot to incorporate a skylight anywhere in your roof structure. The shape and angle of the skylight can set the tone for the theme of the room, think of modern geometric shapes or portrait shaped cutouts for your loft illumination, for example. These windows:

  • Help with energy efficiency
  • Flood rooms with natural light
  • Warm floor tiles, creating added coziness
  • Versatile design options

Storm Windows

These windows offer a quick and easier way to reduce the draftiness in your home without doing a full window replacement. These are a practical option with a few aesthetic perks. Storm windows come in a variety of colors, so you can select colors that make a statement against your exterior walls. These windows often wouldn’t be described as ornate or elaborate, so if you are looking for a design that fits that bill, these may not be the option for you. Some benefits to installing storm windows include:

  • Energy efficiency
  • UV reduction
  • Noise Reducing
  • Insulation and heat retention

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