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Spring is just around the corner, are you ready to enjoy the lovely weather that is sure to grace your Pennsylvania home? We’ve compiled a list of some patio transformation ideas for your backyard patio. Don’t underutilize your backyard patio space, this area has so much to offer for social gatherings and overall relaxation and enjoyment. Everything below will allow you to make the most of your Spring this year and its benefits will carry over into the summer months too. Let’s explore how you can transform your backyard patio for Spring.

Incorporate Stone

Whether it is an enchanting walkway, or simply an accent to your pool area, incorporating stone when planning your new backyard patio design is a great way to add a quaint and rustic accent to your outdoor space while leveraging the material’s steadfast functionality. Incorporating the proper use in your renovation planning could transform your backyard patio space into an enchanting garden from an English cottage, or create a smooth and durable pool area. Choose a rough, porous stone that adds character to your space, or a smooth brick cut in a clear geographic shape to make neat patterns and pathways. Some high-quality stone options to choose from for your patio space include,

  • Natural cleft, irregular, or thermal Bluestone
  • Flagstone
  • Brick
  • Brownstone
  • Cobble Stones
  • Fieldstone
  • Granite Pavers
  • Limestone
  • Sahara Granite
  • Pea Gravel
  • Loose-fill stone

There are so many options when it comes to stone. Use irregular fieldstone for a charming, natural look, or granite pavers for the clean lines and organized pathways that will create a sleek looking patio space.

Consider Installing a Pool Area

What better way to enjoy the beautiful weather than laying out by your very own pool. Do your research on the type that you would like. There are a few main types of pools to consider based on your budget and the look you are going for,

  • Fiberglass
  • Vinyl lined
  • Concrete

All three come with their own set of benefits and drawbacks. For example, Fiberglass pools may be your lowest maintenance option, whereas vinyl-lined pools would offer the cheapest initial installation. Determine your priorities when incorporating this luxury into your patio space. A pool opens up your patio space for more spring and summer fun and is an addition to consider, especially if you have children and love spring and summer barbecues.

Create a Spacious Deck

The deck or patio is a place for social gathering and relaxing, that is why you need to invest in making it spacious to accommodate everyone. It should really be an extension of your home and a seating area for all of your guests. How do you picture using the space at your next barbecue? Are there picnic tables, what about a grill and cornhole boards to play? The space is what you make it, so determine what you want that area to look like and make the space to accommodate that.

Make Room for an Outdoor Kitchen or Bar Area

Nothing says neighborhood pool party like a good old fashioned barbecue. For your next block party, imagine having a huge kitchen space right by the pool. Imagine the kids playing a game of tag then lining up to get a hamburger and enjoy the warm spring weather.

You could even take it a step further and create a bar area. Stock it with your spring and summer favorites, like iced tea and wine coolers and keep the fun and relaxation going well into the summer. This a great addition to your pool area and is a great way to prepare for the coming summer and fourth of July parties!

Utilize Hanging Lights to Enhance Ambiance

Nothing sets the mood for a bonfire like hanging lights to illuminate pathways to the party and add that rustic glow. Not only are they helpful for your guests (and help them navigate safely), but they brighten up your outdoor space and add a gorgeous addition to your pergolas, gazebos, and patios. Your guests should be able to look up and have the illusion of bright twinkling stars even on a cloudy night.

Invest in Plants to Enhance Your Space

Spring is a wonderful time to nurture flowers and plants. They work to enhance the outdoor experience for you and your guests alike. Consider hanging planter boxes along the handrails of your patio, or planting a garden along its edges. This is a fast way to incorporate a lively feeling into your patio space, and think of all the colors and smells you could add!

Imagine reserving space to do yoga or tai chi on your patio, the plants helping you feel at ease. You can keep the area smelling nice with fragrant flowers. Plants lend ambiance to any social gathering. Enhance your outdoor space with plants and flowers of your choosing, there are endless possibilities to choose from.

Accent Lighting to Illuminate the Steps

Just because this is a small addition doesn’t mean it’s not important. Keep everyone safe by illuminating steps and pathways. This can be as simple as solar lights to line the steps or tiki torches that double as mosquito repellant. Some designs call for lighting that has been built right into the steps. Solar-powered options are always a good choice. Find accents that work with your style and place them strategically. In addition to safety, the lighting adds to the ambiance and makes you think of fun bonfires and fireflies.

Maximize Every Inch of Your Space

This is especially important if you have limited backyard space. You have to get creative with how you will get the most out of it. If your backyard is particularly small, consider getting crafty with folding surfaces. Think tables that you can pull out and tuck away as needed. Folding chairs are always an option, and follow the same logic as the folding tables mentioned earlier.

The key is to follow your passion, what is it that you and your family, friends, and other loved ones enjoy doing in their downtime. Your patio should be an area for relaxation and socializing.

Create a 3-Season or All-Season Sunroom

If you want more than a screened-in porch, perhaps a place to live, consider a 3-season or all-season sunroom. This will involve a more in-depth transformation as these rooms are essentially add-ons to your home. The difference between the two is the HVAC system which will affect the cost of a sunroom.  If you want to live in comfort year-round, you have to invest in complete temperature control. This area can actually double as a living space and makes for a great guest house or in-law addition too.

For those chilly spring days, it gives you and the option to still enjoy the sunshine and sprouting trees and flowers without the discomfort of less-than-ideal weather. A great sunroom has an abundance of large windows, so bask in the sunshine and enjoy the beauty of your outdoor oasis.

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