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More Than a Place to Park: Garage Renovation Ideas

Garages are desirable features for many households. But not all of them are used for the sole purpose of housing vehicles....

Coating or Covering? Best Flooring Options for Garage Additions

So, you're considering undertaking a garage addition to add space and convenience to your home. How exciting! Have you...

What is the Cost to Add a Garage in Pennsylvania?

Asking someone how much it costs to add a garage to your home is a tough question to answer. After all, there are so many...

Everything You Need to Know About Creating Living Space in Your Garage

Do you want more space in your forever home? Do you not have the budget or physical space to build a new addition to your...

How to Choose Between an Attached and Detached Garage

We can all benefit from a little more space at home, right? New storage or living space isn’t always easy to find. Many of...


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