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How to Choose Between an Attached Garage vs Detached Garage

Tilghman Builders Team
By Tilghman Builders Team - April 10, 2023

We can all benefit from a little more space at home, right? New storage or living space isn’t always easy to find. Many of our clients choose to add a garage to solve their spatial issues. The biggest question they have in the planning phase is whether to build an attached garage or a detached garage.


TB Garage attached or detached


What Is an Attached Garage?

An attached garage is typically located adjacent to a home and shares at least one wall with the living space. It’s commonly used for vehicle storage but can also serve as a workspace or storage area. 

Having an attached garage connected to your house allows for easy and convenient access to the dwelling, particularly during inclement weather. However, it may also result in increased noise transfer from the garage to the living space and limits design flexibility compared to a detached garage.


What Is a Detached Garage? 

A detached garage is a stand-alone structure, often used for vehicle storage or as a workshop. As the name suggests, this type of garage is detached from the house, but it’s typically located within the property boundary and can be built in various sizes and styles to suit your needs. 

A detached garage offers several advantages over an attached garage, including increased privacy, reduced noise transfer to the main house, and more design flexibility.


4 Considerations When Choosing Between an Attached vs Detached Garage

There are pros and cons to both detached and attached garage additions. There’s no wrong answer here. It’s about understanding your needs and what you want from your brand-new, custom garage. Here’s what to ask yourself and your contractor.


1. How Big Is Your Lot?

The size of your lot is the first variable to consider when planning a new garage. A new construction project like a garage can take up a lot of space. You need to consider the space that’ll be lost post-construction.

Is it worth trading space in your yard for a new garage? Will your new garage obstruct a view from inside your home?

If you’re a visual person, get a tape measure and mark up where the new garage would go. Walk and look around your property to get an idea of how the addition will fit onto your lot.


Edgehill Garage

See more of this attached garage addition here.


2. What’s Your Motivation?

Why do you really want to add a garage? If you want to avoid walking through unpleasant weather to get to your car, you need an attached garage. If you want a workspace, a detached garage is a better option — especially if that work makes noise.

Do you want the garage to have livable space? Both attached and detached garages can add significant living space as a guest house, in-law suite, or even an apartment to rent out for extra income. Each come with their own considerations. 

If you don’t want the livable space to have running water and essentially be used as a spare room, it’s better for that space to be part of an attached garage with easy access to the rest of the house. A detached, livable garage should be equipped with everything someone needs without having to go to the main house.


 Linda-Vista-Garage-Addition-InsideSee more of this attached garage addition here.

Don’t forget to consider extra storage space, how the garage will be heated or cooled, and how valuable things inside will be secured.


3. How Will You Access Your Garage?

It’s also important to consider how you want to access your new garage. Do you want to be able to walk from your house directly into your new space or are you okay with having to walk outside to enter? 

Because our clients in eastern Pennsylvania can rely on cold winters and snow, most decide to go with an attached garage with access from their existing home.

If one of your goals is to provide covered space for your car, it’s important that you can access your garage from your driveway as well. This can be accommodated during construction but will incur an extra cost, so keep this in consideration when planning your project and wishlist.


4. Does the Garage Fit Your Home?

Not physical measurements — aesthetics. Does the new garage look good next to your house? Consider the style and condition of your house when planning the garage.

For example, a new attached garage may look out of place on an older home. If you can match the existing structure, great. If not, you’re better off opting for a detached garage.

Regardless of whether you pick a detached vs attached garage, it’s essentially an addition to your home. Talk to your contractor about roofing and siding options to make sure your addition will fit with your existing home and neighborhood. If the style doesn’t match, it may have an effect on the value or resale of your home.



Detached Garage Addition | Tilghman Builders Bucks County PASee more of this detached garage addition here.


Start Building Your Dream Attached or Detached Garage

An attached garage is a large addition to a dwelling. It’s a major project that changes the footprint of your home and may require some demolition of your existing structure to accommodate. Any decision towards this path shouldn’t be made without serious thought and consulting with a contractor.

A detached garage isn’t a lesser project by comparison. With an attached garage you get the benefit of building around existing walls. A detached garage is four brand-new walls on your property. It’s a bigger project, but there’s more flexibility with this route because you are starting from scratch.

If you still aren’t sure about what to choose for your home improvement project, contact us! We’re happy to help answer any and all questions you may have.

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