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6 Home Improvement Trends That are Definitely Out For High-End Homes

Tilghman Builders Team
By Tilghman Builders Team - December 17, 2018








Let’s face it, we've all made trendy choices that we’ve regretted later. When looking at high-end, luxurious homes, I’m sure certain items come to mind such as, in-home gyms, tennis courts, game rooms and saunas. But what do luxury home buyers want? What is definitely out for a high-end home? Well, there are always design choices that are a definite no-go. Whether it was your starter home or your current one, you definitely don’t want these home improvement trends or a lack-thereof, if you’re going for luxury.

Small, Closed Off Entryway

“I want a small entryway that doesn’t make an impression on my guests,” said no one. Whether you’re buying a new home, remodeling or renovating, a luxurious entryway is the perfect way to make a lasting impression quickly. We recently did a wonderful entryway addition to the X home. We added a little character, a lot of love and the results were just impeccable.

No Technology

There’s something to say about not having any technology upgrades in your household. With so much technology in our lives, there are certainly some “must-haves” that you need. Having these home improvement upgrades not only raises the value of your home, but can also make every day tasks more functional. If you’re looking to add a little technology into your home, think about a home theater, kitchen appliances, home security and air monitoring systems.Speaking of kitchens, smart technology makes a huge difference. You can get smart refrigerators to help you keep inventory, find recipes and even have a TV. You can also get smart ovens that you can turn on remotely. Smart technology is certainly on the rise and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

Outdated Appliances in the Kitchen

Not only should your kitchen appliances have technology, but there are additional updates you can make too! This means warming drawers, wine fridges, restaurant quality appliances, and plenty of storage with a walk-in pantry. If you’re updating your home to have that high-end feel, commercial upgrades are a must. One item you can’t forget is concealing those trash and recycling bins. Make sure to dedicate a cabinet or two to proper trash stowing.

Going back to the basics, you can’t skimp out on quality if you want something long-lasting. (Blog: 5 Components of a Long-Lasting Kitchen)

The Holly Kitchen project hits a lot of marks right on the head. 

high-end home improvement trends


Lack of Counter Space

Let’s just say that having less counter space was never really “in” as far as high-end kitchen trends go. One of the main selling points of a kitchen is the countertop. Every luxurious kitchen begs for clean, spacious countertops with room to cook, prepare meals and invite guests. (Chefs kitchen blog). But what materials are the best for the caliber kitchen you desire? If you want modern high-end, think glass, stainless steel, or concrete countertop materials. They are unforgettable. For traditional, go with butcher block, travertine tile, or recycled countertops. (Read more on 5 Components of a Long Lasting Kitchen.)


Small Outdoor Living Space

You might have the room in your home for throwing a get together, but do you have the patio for barbecues, cooking and outdoor celebrations? These outdoor kitchens and living spaces are popping up everywhere. It seems that running back and forth from the inside kitchen to the outside barbecue can be quite tiresome. Especially, if you’re stuck inside missing the party. Creating a functional outdoor living space is a great way to add more value to your home and of course, perfect for enjoying time with friends and family.

The Douglas project really rocks our socks off, too. Imagine throwing a celebration there. 

high-end home improvement trends


Luxurious Bathrooms

Say no to those small walk-in showers and head on over to massive ones with head-to-toe shower jets, heated flowers, towel warmers, and hey, you can’t forget about that huge tube.

If you really want to go all out on your bathroom to get that high-end bathroom feel, be sure to check out our favorite bathroom blogs:

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high-end home improvement trends

(View the Petty Lane project.)


That’s It, The 6 Home Improvement Trends That Are Definitely OUT for High-End Homes.

Every person views luxury from a different angle and your style might be completely different from someone else’s, but there are certain luxury items that are always a must have. Whether you have luxury in your home or not is irrelevant, just remember that luxury is attainable in your home with the most modern amenities, technologies and designs.


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