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Vlog: Edgley Project Master Suite Addition

Eric Tilghman
By Eric Tilghman - August 24, 2019








Lead Carpenter Eric Tilghman gives us a walk-through of a recent master bedroom addition on a second floor in Glenside, PA. The Edgley Avenue project includes a laundry room, master bedroom, master bathroom, and new siding and windows. Watch: 



No audio? Follow along here:

Hey guys, how you doing, Eric Tilghman. We're at the Glenside job, it's our last day. We have some paint touch-ups and you'll see some random post-its on the walls, ignore those.

But anyway, remember this was the one that was an addition over top of that silver colored back flat roof. So when we got here this was the end of the hall when you would come up the steps, and this was not here. So this was the existing back wall of the home. Now we've created this little corridor, and then into this door. Let me show you around - it's a master bedroom suite.

So here we have a brand new laundry room. This was all downstairs, we brought the existing washer and dryer up here. We've got some shelving, some some cabinets and some vinyl plank flooring, which we love.

Alright, now here's the bedroom. We've got two closets there, I'll show you those, and this is the backyard. That's what this looked like, this silver roof here, that's what was here before we arrived and and now it's this really wonderful space.

So anyway this is the bathroom - we've got a nice 48 inch vanity, a nice freestanding tub - look how beautiful this is. We've got a neo angle shower here with some frameless shower glass and some built-ins here to the side of the toilet. We've got two nice-sized closets - in hers some nice shoe shoe racks on either side. This closet over there is six foot and this one here is a little over 8 foot.

That's pretty much it! As always, thanks for staying tuned, be positive, be nice to one another, and have a great week. Bye

- Eric Tilghman


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