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When you're considering a master bathroom renovation as part of your overall remodeling project, it can be difficult to know what you should go with. What's really important in a luxury bathroom remodel and what's just hype? Here's a quick look at some of the most popular options being selected in high-end master bathroom remodel projects in Bucks County homes.

1. The bathtub is optional and stands alone.

There's something about the whimsey and leisure of a claw foot tub that has remained a part of the American psyche for many generations after this style of bathtub had otherwise faded from use.

That vision of ease and leisure is now regaining its footing in modern bathroom remodels through stand-alone bathtubs. This style of tub has become much more common in the past few years as a symbol of being able to take time for oneself to relax and unwind after a long day's work or over a leisurely weekend afternoon.

2. Clear up a big shower.

With the tub becoming an optional part of the master bathroom, shower design has taken a strong turn towards being big, with luxurious bathroom fixtures and clear walls and doors. If you're making the switch from a soaking tub to a larger shower, consider adding a bench to one end, whether fold-down or permanent. Steam generators have also become a popular part of the spa-like master bath experience that's expected in a luxury bathroom remodel and will have to be considered early on in the process.

3. Consider paired sinks.

Often referred to as his and her sinks, a pair of sinks in the bathroom ensures that you and your significant other won't be fighting over the same space when there's no spare time for the morning rush or you don't want to lose your vibe during the peaceful slide into a bedtime routine. You can achieve this look through either built-in sinks in your bathroom counters in a larger vanity, a pair of vessels on a shared vanity or even separate ceramic or stone sinks that are wall-mounted to provide cleaner, more modern lines and a more simplistic appearance for your minimalistic lifestyle.

4. Add custom cabinetry.

When you're considering your bathroom counters and sinks, have you putas much thought into adding custom cabinetry for storage?In today's luxe bathroom remodel, there has to be a lot of room for storing those fluffy newEgyptian cotton towels, chi hair appliances and luxurious Dead Sea bath products, not to mention more traditional toiletries, makeup, bathrobes and so much more. When you add custom cabinetry to your high-end master bathroom renovation, you're making space for all those necessary items plus everything else you haven't thought of yet.

5. Go with natural finishes.

Part of a luxury bathroom renovation is creating an elegant experience, and nothing says elegance like natural finishes. Natural stone, warm wood tones and brushed metal bathroom fixtures create a high-end appearance that is second to none. Consider adding touches of glass, ceramic and metal to add a pop of color or reflect the light, but you'll want to look at stone, granite, marble, natural wood tones and graceful bathroom fixtures to add elegance and luxury to your new master bathroom's overall calming appearance. You spend a lot more time than you may consider in your bathroom, so isn't it worth investing a little more in your bathroom renovation? By keeping these luxury bathroom finishes in mind when you're designing your new bathroom, you can quickly turn a simple bathroom into a spa space ready for a retreat while making your daily preparations easier and more luxurious than ever. When you're ready to look at turning your dreams into a reality, contact Tilghman Builders, the best contractor for remodelingBucks County homes.