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Lead Carpenter Eric Tilghman gives us a walk-through of a recent basement remodel in Bucks County, PA! The project includes an open floor plan, bathroom, bedroom,  and brand new hardwood floors.

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Hi guys; how are you doing?

We're back with the basement remodel job here. I haven't shown you the upstairs yet, but we've been doing some work up there too. So let me show you what we've got. When we got here, this wall was covered with a mirror and the floor ran under. We matched the two existing built-ins that were on the side and replicated them in the center. Then we bought eight brand new doors for the [built-ins] underneath. Then, we had our painter come in and paint all the walls. 

Now, here we are in the powder room. When we started this project, this was just a standard powder room - wood floor, wood base and a pedestal sink. We replaced all the fixtures and then added this marble wainscoting. It turned out really great.

Now, let's check out the basement. We installed a French door so you can see down into the stairwell from up above. It makes the basement a little more inviting. We also added brand new oak treads.

So again, the wall came out pretty far on both sides, so we chopped that up and added the crown molding. We installed some awesome box molds. 

This door goes to the utility room, so it's just shelving and HVAC. There's a cool cubby door too. It's awesome. I love it. I'm happy we did it. The knob isn't in just yet. But it's going to be here soon. 

That's the storage. They connect.

These columns are all made out of five quarter wood, so if someone was down here roller skating you couldn't take this thing out if you tried. Which is good. There's going to be a television on that wall, a sofa here, and a door to the outside.

Let's move onto the bathroom. The bathroom turned out really sweet. Allen is here today to finish it up. We have the vanity, mirror, drawers and just some random little things.

Moving over here, this is the office and for the future this is going to be a bedroom for resale. We have the window there and that's pretty much it, you guys.  As always, thank you for staying tune.

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-Eric Tilghman


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