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Vlog: Masons Mill 2nd Floor Expansion and Kitchen Addition

Eric Tilghman
By Eric Tilghman - October 18, 2019








Lead Carpenter Eric Tilghman gives us a walk-through of a renovation in eastern Penssylvania. The homeowners have decided to expand their master bedroom on the upper floor by bumping up the ceiling with dormers. Meanwhile, the masons and excavators are hard at work digging the foundation for the new kitchen addition on the first floor. Watch Eric's update below!



No audio? Follow along here:

"Hey guys good morning, Eric Tilghman, Tilghman Builders. We're on Mason's Mill road in Huntingdon valley,  day 1 of this job. What we're doing here is the two dormers up at the top back roof there, those are going away. We're ripping the roof off all the way to the peak and then we're gonna come out in the back with a nice big shed dormer. So, its going to add a lot of square footage up there, as well as ah head room as well. It's gonna have an 8-foot ceiling up there. We're gonna be building two dormers in the front, that's gonna do a lot for cosmetics when you're looking a the front of this house, it's also gonna add to the square footage and the head room of the space up there. That's gonna be a master bedroom, bathroom, couple closets, stuff like that.

Down here we've got the  excavator and the mason here. What they're doing is they're digging for the foundation for our first floor addition, we're going to bump out their kitchen. So that little window on the left hand side, thats going to become a doorway, the big window on the right hand side, that's going to become a very big opening going into the dining room. Their kitchen is currently on the left side, that's going to become a mudroom and then the entire kitchen is going to be put into this addition and the addition is about 22ft by 16 ft coming out from the house.

So anyway, just wanted to show you guys a quick tour. I'll check in, in like a week or two and show you the progress. Hope you're having a great day. Be positive. Be nice to one another. Bye."

-Eric Tilghman

We are looking forward to seeing the progress!

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