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Video Journal: Hatboro Porch Renovation Project

Eric Tilghman
By Eric Tilghman - December 27, 2019








We revisited our previous home remodel clients to now work on a their front porch renovation project. Eric Tilghman recorded his plans and progress in these two videos. Watch our handiwork:



Hey guys, Eric Tilghman from Tilghman Builders. We're in a Hatboro and we love doing working here, it's where the company started out, and it always feels like home. So these are repeat customers, we've been here quite a few times ever since probably the early '80s. We built the detached garage in the back, the addition up top, and built most of this front porch. Anyway, they're really great customers.

So the reason we're here is the porch boards have rotted due to rain. They didn't have the gutters up above for a very long time so they invited us back last year to put in the gutters and make that curve that you see up above there, and now that the deck is properly protected from rain we're here to remove the old and put down all PVC maintenance-free type products. So let's take a closer look and I'll explain. As you see here, we have a nice curve on the corner. There is a bunch of 3/8 plywood that all lap together and are laminated to create this curve. So there was severe rot right here so we replaced that as part of this project. We've removed all of the deck boards and now we're putting down an Azac PVC deck board in slate gray. It's the most popular color. You'll notice here we have temporary supports. So what will go here is another column. Over there, that's what the columns will look like - it's a round fiberglass tapered column with a little neck molding near the top. It's pretty much exactly what they had in place and it's going to look really good. These boards still need to be cut back to follow the curve - that's one of the last steps (and you hope that your hands and your eyes make a good cut!).

The last thing is we're going to make a template, similar to the project we did in Meadowbrook, where we had the curved deck. We're going to take a template, send it to Ohio, wait six weeks for it to come back, and install these very fancy curved rails. So also another thing is down here, we're going to be finishing this with a white PVC trim board also made by Azac. We have the intersecting boards on each side of the wraparound porch - they run perpendicular to the house and then here, there's a perpendicular board and they all sort of die in there with a nice little miter. So that's pretty much it guys. I just wanted to show you what we're up to, this is a fun one.


Continuing on with the project.....




NO AUDIO? HERE'S THE TRANSCRIPT:How you doing, Eric Tilghman of Tilghman Builders, in Hatboro. I am working a little late today to finish this job up so unfortunately I'm shooting the video myself - I apologize for the poor camerawork!  I just wanted to show you guys the sort of finished product here. Remember we'll be back in six weeks to install the railings around this whole thing, the curve and all. So we're sending the template out today and waiting for that (to come back).

So anyway, check this thing out: we’ve got Azac skirt boards, as promised, we've got a beautiful cut going around this curve. Coming the other way, fiberglass columns - they need to be painted. Got the downspout back in. And then we have PVC deck boards here, they will not rot, it's really awesome stuff. And then this is where they come together. I'll loop the camera around so you guys can see that. Let me try to give you one more shot here. Again, you know there's no wood here, it will not rot, and it's really awesome. So if you want a front wraparound porch give us a call - we can build this for you. So thanks for staying tuned. As always, stay positive, be productive, do something nice for somebody, that stuff is contagious and we love that at Tilghman Builders.



Hey, guys. How you doing, Eric Tilghman here - we are in Hatboro. We are at the front porch job. I am here by myself. So bear with me. I'm in selfie mode yet again. We had to wait six weeks for these rales. If you remember, we redid the whole thing. We put the Aztec boards on the bottom, new fiberglass columns around, and now the porch railings are installed. We kept them at a lower height.  

Now, I will say we don't break many rules, but this porch did not have handrails for 20 years. So we feel as though we are doing a better thing by putting them here. Nobody asked us to, and yeah, they're a little low, but they look awesome. They look awesome and they look like they would be the originals. Take a look at these rails. I mean, they're really great, they're not squeaky plastic - well, they are, I guess technically plastic. They're PVC, but they're not gaudy, they're not squeaky, they're not shiny, they're great. I love them. They're actually my new favorite handrail for outside. Look at this porch, it's a monster, and this curve.  

But it's really cool. We loved working here, we loved being at this house. They're great customers, and you know, I got to say, I had so much fun. If you guys want a front porch, please call me because we really enjoy making them. And in six weeks, you guys could be sitting pretty on your new front porch. Anyway, I hope you guys are all doing good things out there and being positive, staying positive and active and doing some good for the world. Hold the door for an old lady or buy somebody there a sandwich. It's good for the world, it spreads like wildfire.  

And as always, Eric Tillman, Tillman Builders call the number. Visit the website and we would be happy to serve you guys. Stay well, and I'll talk to you soon. Bye. 



The finished porch renovation project!

Hatboro photo


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