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The exterior of a house ages just like anything else which means that there comes a time when updates need to be made to keep your home looking attractive and more importantly functioning properly. While a proper exterior home renovation includes design elements to elevate your curb appeal, replacements and repairs play a huge part as well. Below we have outlined the key aspects you should consider to make your home look its best and function properly for your family. 

Update Your Siding 

One way to elevate the look of your home’s exterior is by replacing the siding. Siding not only eliminates the need for frequent painting but it’s also a durable option that protects your home from elemental wear and tear. Other exterior materials such as wood, brick, and stone are subject to more damage from things like termite infestations, wood rot, and weather erosion.

How to Choose Siding 

When enlisting the help of an experienced contractor like Tilghman Builders to update your home’s siding, you are sure to expect quality materials. However, there are a few other aspects you need to consider when selecting the type of siding for your home. 

How durable are your siding options?   

Siding durability is key for a functioning home. You don’t want to select a siding that will get easily damaged and need replacing in a month. Vinyl siding will not dent or scratch but often gets cracked. Engineered wood is resilient to the elements but can be subject to scratching, while more porous materials like stucco can be easily damaged by sports balls and other direct hits. 

What kind of maintenance is involved? 

It’s important to consider the maintenance of the different types of siding you are considering. Some siding does not involve hardly any care, while others are more demanding. For instance, wood siding mimics the beauty of wood but comes with constant upkeep to remain this way. On the other hand, vinyl siding is an option that still looks attractive with next to no maintenance involved. 

What color do you want? 

The color of the siding you choose is highly important to achieve the look you want to achieve. Many select neutral colors but greens and blue are becoming increasingly popular to show a little personality. When considering what color you want, think about how you want the entire exterior to look, including the color of your shutters and trim, to select colors that contrast and flow well. 

Replace your Windows

Old, outdated windows not only look less appealing but they subject your home to drafts which can be both uncomfortable and costly on your utility bill. When replacing your windows, it’s possible you may need to replace the window frame as well if it is not in proper condition. 

How to Buy Windows

When shopping for windows, consider what type of windows to get. Double hung windows are both beautiful and often convenient to clean as many have sashes that tilt inward giving you access to the exterior surface. Slider windows offer a simple and elegant look that allows for a lot of natural light. Think about what shape window you as well, would you prefer a circular shape? Arched windows? Or perhaps the popular bay window for an added wow factor. Read our full window design guide to find the best windows for your home. 

Transform your Front Door

New doors, much like windows, offer both function and aesthetic to your home and will give you the most bang for your buck when updating the outside of your home. Quality front doors, as well as garage doors and patio doors, make it easier for you to enter your home while also making it harder for intruders to break in. Installing a front door is no easy feat as you have to account for the framing, molding and insulation as well as the door itself. A skilled contractor can help you pick the right door and install it for maximum functionality.

Restore Porches & Decks

A beautiful front porch is often one of the first things people notice about a home, but if it looks worn down then it also makes quite an eye sore to passerbys. While decks are often hidden from view at the back of the home, this doesn’t mean they don’t make valuable assets to your home. Attractive porches, patios, and decks make great places to congregate with the family while also providing great resale value to your home should you move in the future. If you don’t have one currently, a skilled contractor can easily add one for you so consider adding it to your exterior remodel wishlist. 

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Nothing looks as nice as a fresh coat of paint. Paint is perhaps the easiest and most cost effective renovation project. When painting the exterior of your house, be sure to use high quality paints to provide a solid, protective layer to your walls that repels moisture and pests, making your exterior materials last much longer.  

Invest in Landscaping

With so much focus on the house itself, it can be easy to forget about what’s on the lot around your home. Colorful flowers, sculptures, and other yard art can really enhance the attractiveness of your home. 


Even if your home looks immaculate, overgrown shrubs and weeds can really downgrade the overall setting of home. This where softscaping can help. Softscaping refers to the management of trees, plants, and lawn of the area. 


Likewise, if the harder elements of your landscape are bringing down your curb appeal, such as the case with crumbling brickwork or cracked pavement then it is time to hardscape. Hardscaping refers to the tougher elements of your lot like driveways, gates, and stonework and acts as the core of your landscape. 

To pull off a stunning landscape, it is recommended to have a mix of both hardscaping and softscaping. Hardscape features are great for adding depth while providing a blank canvas for the softscape elements to pop. Some examples of combining the two include: 

  • Covering a gazebo or chimney with trailing vines. 
  • Lining a walkway with flowers.
  • Installing a garden fountain. 

Enhance your Curb Appeal in Bucks County 

If your home’s exterior needs a makeover, then give us a call. We are experts in home renovations and remodels and can advise you over the selection and installation of siding, windows and more to get your curb appeal back to where it should be. 

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