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One of the most used rooms in anyone’s house would have to be the kitchen. We know that you want your home to be up-to-date and efficient, while still expressing your personal style. So here is a list of top kitchen trends for 2016 to consider in your redecorating or remodel.

  •  High Color Contrasts

    Using opposing colors, like black and white, or a bright accent color will really make your kitchen stand out.  Contrast color schemes can make your space look modern and pristine.

  • contrast

  • Open Floor Plans

    Open floor plans have been popular for some time now, and we do not see that changing anytime soon.  The beauty of open floorplans is that it is more welcoming to guests, and creates a great envirnoment for families to use multiple spaces, but still be connected. You can keep an eye on the kids easier, and it is the perfect option for entertaining.open


  • Distinctive Lighting

    Adding a unique and colorful light fixture can brighten up your kitchen in more way than one!  Having a fun light fixture creates a new focal point for your kitchen and can also add a tiny pop of color.light_fixtures
  • Textured Materials

    Textured materials like wood and honed stone in the kitchen have become very popular for a few reasons. They hide smudges and fingerprints, making them easier to maintain than high-shine surfaces. They also add a more natural look, and can balance finished materials like modern cabinetry, for a harmonious design. And it also ties into our next trend, Earth Friendly -- textured surfaces are considered more "natural" and can add to an eco feel. blue-pattern-texture-macro

  • Earth Friendly

    As we become more environmentally aware, we are demanding that our building materials be eco-concious -- there is no exception in the kitchen.  Outfitting your kitchen with countertops and flooring from recycled materials is not only earth friendly, but can also be stunning. While you may spend a bit more to get these materials, they will be more than worth it with how long they will last, and how they ease your concious!

  • Cabinets as Furniture

    This latest trend helps to carry the homeowner's personality and furniture style into the kitchen by customizing cabinets with furniture style details. Armoire style built-ins, open shelving, turned legs on sinks, two-toned paint finishes, cabinet-clad appliances, and distinctive islands all make the kitchen feel like an extension of the living room.