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5 Benefits of Adding an In-Law Suite to Your Family Home

Tilghman Builders Team
By Tilghman Builders Team - February 12, 2021









There's a lot to consider when thinking about adding an in-law suite to your home. It's an investment that requires logistical and financial planning. While you're thinking it over, don't neglect the emotional benefits. We'd like to discuss the intangibles surrounding sharing a home with an aging loved one.

At Tilghman Builders, our team specializes in designing and building in-law suite additions. We've been working on in-law suites for years and have seen how these projects improve the quality of life for the homeowners and their families.

What is an In-Law Suite?

Before we can tell you more about the benefits of an in-law suite, we need to briefly define what the term means. An in-law suite is more than just a new room. It can have a kitchen, bathroom and living area. Basically, anything and everything someone needs without going into the original part of the home.


Other names for in-law suites...

Don’t focus too much on the name, the new addition can be for anyone. They can be designed for adult children coming back home, as well as aging parents.

  • Accessory dwelling unit
  • Granny flat
  • Guest cottage
  • Kangaroo apartment
  • Secondary suite


5 Benefits of In-Law Suites: Putting Family First

Adding an in-law suite not only increases the value of your home, it also brings your family closer together in the present and in the future.


1. Added Comfort

If you are considering or already experiencing multigenerational living, put yourself in your family member's shoes. Would you rather live in an assisted living facility, or in your own private space with family nearby? An in-law suite addition to your house provides comfort, improved quality of life and it allows them to maintain their independence.

Plus, when you add an in-law suite to your home, you can add all the comforts and features your family needs. Consider universal design features that provide easy access and usability for all of your family members regardless of their age, size and abilities. 


2. Less Costly Care

Inviting an aging family member into your home lowers expenses and the cost of care. An in-law suite is a more cost-effective alternative to a nursing home, and it offers peace of mind. You’ll always know exactly how your family member is doing and you can be with them without needing to travel.

Interested in the cost comparison of adding an in-law suite to your home vs. nursing home care? Check out our blog here.


3. Easier Holidays

When your family members have their own space connected to your home, holidays can be a breeze! Give grandma and grandpa their own space to entertain in their own independent area. There’s no need to pick up or drop off an older relative at an assisted living facility or early goodbyes. This gives all of your family members freedom and comfort during family holidays.


4. More Room For Guests

If you don’t have an immediate need for an addition, keep in mind, an in-law suite works for temporary house guests as well. Give college students who are home from school all of the comforts of independence while keeping them close to home. Give your visiting family members a cozy place to stay so they don't have to pay for a costly hotel, with a fraction of the amenities. 


5. Support For Kids

Having more people in your house with life experience can be a positive influence on young children. A grandparent in your in-law suite can add emotional support and guidance. You can also have an in-house babysitter, if your loved one is ok with that!


Does Your Forever Home Meet Your Future Needs?

If none of the reasons above appeal to you, here’s one more. Do you love your home and neighborhood? Is this the last home you plan on buying? Do you want to pass your home along to your children?

If you answered “yes” then it’s worth considering adding an in-law suite. This will ensure your home is suitable for your entire family through every phase of life.

When you’re ready to discuss your options for a remodel or addition to provide an in-law suite for your aging loved ones, give us a call. We’ll design and build a functional and beautiful space for your extended family to call home.


Check out our portfolio of in-law suites we've created for families in Bucks County, PA and Montgomery County, PA like yours: 

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