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Vlog: Our Office Renovation Part 6 - Exterior Done, Drywall to Go

Tilghman Builders Team
By Tilghman Builders Team - December 1, 2022
We're thrilled that our office renovation now has some curb appeal with the exterior completed, but on the inside, we're prepping for the drywall stage. Eric Tilghman gives a tour of the multi-use space, including the workspace and four rental apartments. Stay tuned for more progress!


Tilghman Builders Office Renovation: Part 6


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No audio? Read the video transcript instead:

Hey, guys how you doing? It's Eric Tilghman, Tilghman Builders we're at the office. The outside is looking good. The inside? Not so much, but we'll be drywalling real soon and so I want to take a video and show you guys around and try to make this quick. 

This is one apartment in efficiency. 

This is a second apartment and this is a two-bedroom, one-bath. 

This is a third apartment coming from the back door here, up the steps, and here we are. 

Our final apartment, same back patio just coming in the other door here. And this one's on ground level. And this is our final apartment number four. 

Thanks for staying tuned as always, guys. Have a great day. 

-Eric Tilghman

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