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Vlog: Our Office Renovation Part 5 - Tours, and More Progress

Tilghman Builders Team
By Tilghman Builders Team - September 17, 2022
In our own office renovation project, we've made some good progress and the structure is coming together on the office side and in the rental residence side. Eric Tighlman gives you a tour of what to expect as the spaces become recognizable.


Tilghman Builders Office Renovation: Part 5


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No audio? Read the video transcript instead:

Morning, everybody, Eric Tilghman, Tilghman Builders. Hope everybody's having a good start to their day. The addition is underway here, so I'm just going to pop in here real quick. This is the first-floor apartment, over to the side. So I'm standing in the front living room here, kitchen will be just right there. So it'll be kind of an open floor plan. Then we have a whole bunch of walls going through the bathroom, bedroom, and then another bedroom behind that with a bathroom on our left side. So that's the first-floor apartment. And then our offices are just on the other side of this wall here, going all the way across.

Then over here, so that's first-floor apartment, second-floor apartment's almost like a mirror image of that. And then we have our office expansion here. So we decided to move the door we'll be re-pouring an entire pad here. It'll be, you know, connected to the next door. And then we have to meet handicapped regulations there, so we'll have a little lift. But I am in the kitchen right now. So that window there, that's going to be the sink window. We're leaving the bathroom just for now, but soon we're going to be framing up the new bathroom, which will be bigger. And again, it'll be handicap accessible.

This here, this door here, it's a very special door. This is the door to my new office. And then I spin around here and we have a window four foot by four-foot window connecting my office to us to move office. Eric Kovach or Jay, And then he's got another window on the other side of his office that connects over to Bob's office. They have a door to a shared door from one office to the other because they work together a lot during final pricing, and that'll give easy access to one another.

And coming through here, this will be office supplies closet here. This will be all opened up. We're going throw a beam up there, kind of above that fire extinguisher. It's going to go, it's going to be like 15 feet long, and we're just going to shift this hallway. We've got a lot of work still to do in here. But basically, this room is going to be split into two offices, one for Joanne, my mom, for design, and the other is going to be for a future sales position, which we're in the market for right now. So if you're in sales, construction sales, reach out. We're ready to go. We're also going to move, this is the basement door here on our left. And then they are that's just an apparel closet there. But we're going to shift this wall back just another foot to give more space for the salesperson. 

So as you can see, we are underway and things are moving pretty good here. It's been awesome. Anyway. Hope everybody's having a great day. Staying positive, stepping out of your comfort zone and being nice to one another. Thanks as always for staying tuned. Eric Tilghman. Tilghman Builders. Have a great day bye. 

Joanne and Bob are in a meeting, a Zoom call. We got a call from our demo guy about an hour ago saying that his guys would be arriving shortly to demo a wall in the office with the chimney. It's a last-minute change to our office layout. And anyway, we had to drop what we're doing. Me, Bob and Jay. And now Bob and Joanne are on a Zoom call while I'm trying to move the drop ceiling above Joanne to create a black plastic wall to prevent the dust. But again, they're on a zoom call with a potential client. And I just wanted to show you what this looks like.

We got through this crazy day, so we had to scramble quickly and protect these offices here for the demo guys. This is Joanne's little pod area that we have for her temporarily. And this is where the chimney was that got taken down. And then there's Bob in there in his bubble. This used to be two rooms, you know, but now it appears to be one room. And in the future it will be a hallway. And then this area over here will become two offices. So, Anyway. That's it. We made it through the day.

-Eric Tilghman


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