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Vlog: Tilghman's Own Office Renovation, Part 1

Tilghman Builders Team
By Tilghman Builders Team - July 19, 2022

It's time for the Tilghman team to do for ourselves what we're constantly doing for our customers – renovate our space! Follow along as Tilghman Builders' Operations Manager, Eric Tilghman, prepares you for the journey of renovating our Hatboro, PA office. Watch Video 1 below to see what's in store, and then follow along with Part 2. 

Tilghman Builders Office Renovation: Part 1


No audio? Read the video transcript instead:

Hey, guys. How you doing? It's Eric Tilghman from Tilghman Builders. We're at the intersection of Leeman and York Road in Hatboro, PA. We're at our new office here. We've been here for about a year and a half now, and we're just finally at the end of the planning and the permits for our big office renovation.

So this wonderful building here, we're going to transform this bad boy, and I'm going to try to document it along the way. It's going to stay a white and black building. But we're going to do all new finishes. 

We're going to do white siding. But we're going to mix it up. We're going to do vertical board and batten, as well as plank siding, and then shakes up at the gables. Then we're going to keep black shutters. We're going to replace all the windows with black Andersen windows.

Then, we're going to do little black touches and accents all around the building, putting little shed roofs over top of all the doorways and things. So take a good look. Wait till you see it when it's done. It's going to be amazing. 

Come walk this way. What we're going to be doing is, in addition to this side apartment here, we're going for the second floor on that. That's going to be an apartment with an apartment below it. The demo guys are here right now. It's day one of demo.

So, they're cutting this apartment here. Framing guys start on Monday, so they'll be building a second floor on that. Then, we're going to be gutting the entire building, and it's going to be a total of four apartments with our Tilghman Builders offices on the first floor. 

Get a nice shot from the back here. Part of what these guys are doing today is taking down that big old shift. It doesn't work out with our new layout. So, we are going to take that chimney all the way down to the top of the first floor, and then we're going to stop. That's just about gutted right now. Our guys already gutted the inside spaces on the second and third floor a couple of months ago. So, yeah, this is it. Again - addition will be on the top there.

We're also building an addition where the Adirondack chairs are. So we have that existing patio there and we're going to build on top of that extending out where the 'no trespassing' sign is. That's going to be an inside space. That's going to be our kitchen. We're going to do a nice show kitchen, with cabinets from Gabriel's Kitchen and Bath out of Conshohocken. Then, we're going to build that all the way across. So we'll have new steps and everything here. And you walk in the back door immediately at the top of those steps that'll lead you into our offices. We'll have a whole new configuration for the downstairs. 

That's it for this video, guys. And like I said, we're going to be doing a video series around the office renovation. So thanks for staying tuned, as always. I hope you're staying positive, and stepping out of your comfort zone. Have a great day!

-Eric Tilghman


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