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Vlog: Glenside In-Law Suite Addition

Eric Tilghman
By Eric Tilghman - February 25, 2020








Lead Carpenter Eric Tilghman gives us a walk-through of an In-Law Suite Addition in Glenside, Pennsylvania. The homeowners have decided to expand the lower level of their home and add an in-law suite complete with a full bathroom, bedroom, kitchenette, and living area. Watch Eric's update below!




No audio? Follow along here:

"Hey, guys, how are you doing? Eric with Tilghman Builders. I'm in Glenside here, and I don't think I've shot a video of this one, but anyway, I want to show you around. We're all done, and I'll explain. So right through this door is an in-law suite and I will show you what's going on here.

This was a powder room. So this (wall) used to stop just after the toilet here, we knocked out this wall, we bumped it out. We've made the shower, the plumbing, the tile, the glass, new toilet, new vanity, new floor, medicine cabinet, light, paint, all that stuff. Now, over here, what we did was this carpet came all the way through the entire downstairs. We rolled it up all the way by the fireplace and kept it there during the construction. Then we put down this floor here, and this kitchenette here. Then we rolled the carpet back this way, cut it where we needed to and threw away the rest.

So beyond this door here, this is really the addition. There was an addition upstairs and a little patio underneath. And so what we did was we just framed in the three sides of the patio and created this bedroom. So here they're already moving in, which is great. I love seeing that. All right, mini-split on the wall that heats and cools this bedroom and a closet. Little shoe shelf down below there. OK, Simonton windows. All right, the bedroom. There's a shot coming the other way. There's a door, it goes back to the driveway. Now, this was a window. So we knocked out the window, brought it down to the floor and now it is a door. 

Now, this is the new patio. OK. So I'm going to back up over here. It's muddy, so I saved this for last. And there we go - that is the addition down below. OK, and that deck that you see there, we built that as well. And we used what's called "Dry Space" underneath of here. It's a TimberTech product. So the rain hits the top of the deck, goes into the dry space, and that way into the gutter and then it goes out, actually into a rain barrel, which we temporarily took out for the winter. But that's that, we also added that sliding door upstairs. So that was an existing bedroom. That'll be more like a family room now, and the in-law suite is this entire downstairs, the whole downstairs that you see there. So anyway, guys, thanks again for staying tuned. Stay positive. Be nice and I'll talk to you later."

-Eric Tilghman

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