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bob tilghman

Meet Bob Tilghman

Chief Financial Officer, Director of Sales

#TeamTilghman all started with Bob and his wife Joanne! He was originally a cabinet maker. His passion for building started his senior year of high school where he constructed a grandfather clock. Joanne and Bob also built most of their furniture in the year before they got married. He quickly realized it would be tough to make a living with cabinet making, so he shifted focus to carpentry and remodeling work.

Bob has always loved framing but believes finish work is his best construction skillset. He reads the Bible every morning and loves spending time with his kids and grandkids. Bob also enjoys travelling, fitness and golf. A testament to Bob’s commitment, dedication and loyalty can be summed up in this recollection:

“When my daughters were 5 and 6 years old, my wife brought home a flyer from the YMCA about an organization called Indian Princesses. I joined this father/daughter group with my daughters. The organization consisted of numerous “Tribes” which made up the “Nation” of the Hatboro YMCA Indian Princesses. Our tribe was the “Mohegans.” We would meet and do arts and crafts at each other’s house once each month. Each summer we would go on a 3-day camping trip with the entire Nation. After the age of around 12, the program ended but we have remained friends with the main fathers and daughters in our Tribe. Each summer the group still goes on a camping trip, but years ago we added a water feature. We usually go canoeing or kayaking on a river. This annual tradition continued all through the years. My daughters are now 40 and 41 and we still do this trip every year. “

Bob's aim is to successfully transition the business that he has been building for the last 42 years to his son, Eric, so Eric can take it to new heights. Also, to consistently bring something positive to every interaction he has with family, friends, and strangers.